Avocado Edamame Galouti Kebab

Avocado Edamame Galouti Kebab

Welcome back to our recipe series! Today we have an ambitious and delicious avocado edemame galouti kebab to test out your skills in the kitchen. This recipe was submitted by Nandini (@ravichandran_nandini) for our online recipe book so be sure to check it out for more adventurous dishes which incorporate fresh herbs into your diet. 

Let's begin! 


- 1/4 cup cilantro packed, finely chopped
- 1 tsp lime juice
- 1 tsp lemon juice
- 1 Tbsp rice flour
- 3/4 cup quinoa flakes
- Oil for pan frying                                                                                                      - 2 avocados
- 1/2 cup edamame
- 1/4 cup red lentil
- 1 Tbsp coriander, toasted 1 tsp cumin, toasted
- 1 Anaheim pepper
- 2 bird’s eye chili, minced
- 2 garlic cloves, minced
- 2 shallots, minced

3, 2, 1 COOK! But... HOW?

1.Thaw the edamame and soak it in hot water for 10 minutes                                2. Cook the red lentil, mash the cooked lentil and keep aside
3. Pit the avocados and remove the pulp. Add a bit of lime juice and keep aside
4. Char the Anaheim pepper, remove the skin and chop it roughly into pieces
5. Crush the toasted cumin, coriander and black pepper in a mortar pestle until powdered and keep aside.
6. Combine the avocado, lentils, edamame, anaheim peppers in a food processor and pulse it a few times until it all comes together.
7. Transfer the mix to a mixing bowl, add the shallots, garlic, chili, cilantro, rice flour, lime juice, lemon juice, powdered spices from step 5 above, salt and mix well together
8. Start adding quinoa flakes, a tablespoon at a time, until the mix comes together and you can form a kebab / patty.
9. Form kebabs of the entire mix and keep aside.
10. Heat some oil in a pan and place 2 kebabs/ patties at a time. Cook both sides until they are golden in color.
11. Transfer to a paper lined plate and devour immediately! 

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