Simple Pasta, Pesto and Peas

Simple Pasta, Pesto and Peas

Looking some something green that's not a salad? Look no further than this recipe for simple spaghetti with fresh pesto and peas. This dish is sure to delight at your dinner party or weeknight dinner. Loaded with fresh herbs including basil and rosemary to boost your immune system and support bone health, why not give this pasta a try? This recipe was submitted from Zahra (@culyzaar) and also included in our new online recipe book, so check it out to find more delicious ideas for this spring and summer! 

Let's get started! 


For the Pangratto:
- 1 tbs olive oil
- 1 clove of garlic
- 100 g of breadcrumbs
- 1 tsp rosemary
- Zest of one lemon

- 250 g spaghetti 
- 200 g frozen peas
- 50 g basil
- 200 g spinach
- 50 g pine kernels (or another nut)
- 1 clove of garlic
- 6 tbs of olive oil
- 50 g parmesan

Simple but effective: How to make

1. Heat oil and minced garlic over medium heat until golden. Add bread crumbs and also wait until they are golden.
2. Off the heat add the rosemary and lemon zest. Cook pasta according to the package.
3. Cook peas for only 3 minutes.
4. Make the pesto by adding the remaining ingredients and half of the cooked peas to a food processor.
5. Mix the pasta with the pesto and serve immediately using the other half cooked peas and the pangratto as a topping.


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