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Lemon Cat Nep Smart Seeds - Coming Soon

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Grow fresh Lemon Cat Nep in a matter of weeks with our Indoor Smart Garden!

Lemon Cat Nep Lemon is mostly known for the behavioural effects they have on cats, not only on domestic cats but also big cats! It can also be used in tea and other ways for calming properties in human use! Growing it fresh means you can pick it when you need it and retain all the flavour meaning you can use less than store bought for maximum use!

HydroGrow Lemon Cat Nep benefits:

  • Aromatic Lemon Cat Nep + an indoor herb garden is the perfect addition for any kitchen, study, office, or living room 
  • Lemon Cat Nep is a great source of vitamins and antioxidants with a variety of health benefits beyond that 
  • Growing Lemon Cat Nep is 100% hassle-free in your HydroGrow indoor herb garden, we pre-germinate to save you time
  • Farm to table, so much more simple!


The Halo is made from recycled Nylon and PETG.

Shipping & Returns

The Halo can be delivered straight to your home or picked-up in your nearest collection point. Pre-orders will be delivered July 2022


Width x Height = 22.8cm x 33.3cm

Care Instructions

See booklet inside product for more details and stay tuned for our blog series of product usage!