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The Halo 5 is an innovative indoor Herb garden that does all the work for you and grows fresh, tasteful herbs when you need!

Experience all the benefits of having your own garden, no matter where you are based and how much space you have. HydroGrow's Halo 5 is a simple and easy to use system:

1. Add you water 

2. Add your pre-germinated smart pods

3. Flip the switch and enjoy a variety of different flavourful herbs!

With The Halo 5 indoor garden you'll get:

  • Perfectly calibrated automated watering, light and nutrients
  • Homegrown, organic, pesticide free fresh herbs
  • A Complimentary set of 5x plant pods of your choice
  • More than 10 + different plant varieties to choose from with new ones being added every month!

Why HydroGrow?

HydroGrow was built with the dream that people should be able to access fresh and tasteful food wherever they live. The Halo 5 is our first system in a movement to reinvent urban agriculture. 

We aim to build bigger and more refined units which can be used domestically and commercially in urban spaces! We want everyone to have access to fresh herbs that last and don't break the bank. We will have urban shops which will allow you to buy pre-grown herbs which you can pop into your at home smart garden and continue to have fresh herbs which do not go bad!

This is the start of a movement, will you join the growth?



Buying this £0 product registers your interest to our crowdfund which we will contact you about when it launches. This will therefore give you access to all of our key information, updates and early adopter offers!

This is NOT a purchase of the product but confirms your interest and you will be informed of our crowdfund launch ready for order before the general population.

Estimated delivery of Halo 5 is Winter 2022. For further information, email us at


The Halo is made from recycled Nylon and PETG.

Shipping & Returns

The Halo can be delivered straight to your home or picked-up in your nearest collection point. Pre-orders will be delivered July 2022


Width x Height = 22.8cm x 33.3cm

Care Instructions

See booklet inside product for more details and stay tuned for our blog series of product usage!